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Ribbon Cutting and Open House

LE ribbon cutting ceremony is Sunday, August 27 at 2:00. Open house will immediately follow and last until 5:00. The public is welcome and will be able to walk through the building. If you are unable to make Sunday's open house the building will also be available for the public to tour on Tuesday, September 5 from 4:30 - 7:30. On Sunday, August 27, we would ask the public to park in the designated areas, please observe all crosswalks and drive safely as we are expecting a large crowd. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place in front of the PK-12 building. Visitors will be able to enter the building though the event center, elementary or middle/high school canopies. If parking in back of the building, there will be a door open in the PK-5 wing which can be accessed through the playground. If able, we would encourage visitors to park in the lots east of McDowell by the baseball field and football stadium. On Tuesday, September 5, visitors may park in front of the new building and enter the school through the middle/high school canopy or the elementary canopy.

One month to go

Building interior is being finalized in preparation for opening!

Construction Update

June 8-9, 12-13, 2023

Latest construction news:
  • Thursday & Friday, June 8-9 -  Parking lot from weight room to baseball field/outdoor basketball court fence is closed due to paving work, area indicated in red
  • Avoid construction. Do not park or drive in these areas.
  • Cars may park/drive on milled areas of parking lots.
  • Monday & Tuesday, June 12-13 – Milling will take place around the track. Track is open for use, but take caution around contruction equiptment.
  • Side walk work has begun around McDowell, take caution.
Looking forward:
  • Parking lot paving will begin sometime after July 4. Updates will be communicated closer to this date.

Building interior

February 2023

April 21, 2023

April 13, 2023

April 4, 2023

End of year progress - December 2022

Aerial Views - October 2022

October update

September 2022 gallery

Becoming Reality

New Building Timelapse: March - July 2022

New Building Timelapse: March - July 2022

August 2022: Pre K - 5 Building

July 2022 Photo Gallery

March 27 - April 3

Time Lapse: March 27 - April 3, 2022

March 2022

March 2022: Time Lapse 2/27 - 3/6

February 2022: Interior Progress

February 2022

January 30, 2022-February 6, 2022

December 8, 2021

November 16, 2021

Click here to watch a time lapsed video of the construction of our new PK -12 building!

November 3, 2021

October 27, 2021

Construction Update Video

October 26, 2021

September 27, 2021

September 27, 2021

September 17, 2021

September 1, 2021

August 24, 2021

August 1, 2021

July 15, 2021

June 9, 2021

May 10, 2021

May 1, 2021

April 2021

Early Site Construction Timeline

Summit Construction has released the Early Site Construction Timeline. 
Please click here to view the timeline.

March 2021

March Project Update

At the March 8, 2021 Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education received an update on the PK-12 project from Tim Williams, Superintendent and Andy Rodgers, Summit Construction. 

- Utility Pipeline has begun the installation of the pipeline that will bring gas to the property. The estimated time to complete this project is six weeks. 

- Summit Construction is accepting bids for an early site package and the steel package for the project. Superintendent Williams and Mr. Rodgers expressed their concern with the cost of steel. They are both hoping to receive favorable bids for this part of the project but have concerns with the current steel market. 

- The project is scheduled to begin in mid- April, with the first step being soil stabilization. In the upcoming week, we will have more information about this phase of the project. 

- Summit Construction has a list of Pre-Qualified Contractors that will accept bids on each phase of the project. If companies are interested in being on the list, they should e-mail Mike Mendenhall, Owners Rep for Logan Elm Local School District at: [email protected]

February 2021

Staff Preview

Some Logan Elm staff members recently viewed flooring samples for the new PK-12 building and provided feedback to the design team at Fanning-Howey.

January 2021

At the January Board of Education meeting, Josh Shaw, The Kleingers Group, updated the Board on the traffic study completed for our PK-12 project. Mr. Shaw presented three traffic options and provided a cost for each option. Tim Williams, Superintendent and Mike Mendenhall, MSC and Associates, informed the Board that design development (D.D.) is in the final stages and the architects, Fanning-Howey, and Summit Construction are working on getting tentative estimates for the project, which is required in design development. Mr. Williams also informed the Board that the core team is working to determine if they must address soil stabilization for the project. The District still anticipates an early site package and breaking ground this spring! 

MCS and Associates has created a website for the Logan Elm PK-12 Construction Project. Tentative floor plans and photos of the site can be viewed on their website. MCS and Associates will update their site frequently during the construction process. You may visit their site at: .

December 2020

At the Board of Education meeting on December 7, 2020, the Board approved a resolution to remove the storm shelter from the new PK-12 building. Mike Mendenhall (MSC and Associates) and Tim Williams (Superintendent) gave the Board an update on the soil conductivity test, the design development stage of the project and Mr. Mendenhall presented a webpage, dedicated to Logan Elm's project, that his team has created and will update. A link to that webpage will be posted soon.

October 2020

A traffic study is being conducted on Tarlton Road at the site of the new PK-12 building.

To view the October construction update, please click here

September 2020

The site investigation consultant began drilling for soil borings today on the site of our new PK-12 building. 

To view this month's update, please click here.  At a Special Board Meeting on August 28, 2020, the Logan Elm Board of Education approved a contract with Utility Pipeline, Ltd./Madison Energy Cooperative Association, Inc. (UPL/MECA) to extend piping and provide transportation of natural gas to the PK-12 building.

November 2020

At the November Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the Program of Requirements (P.O.R.) and Schematic Design (S.D.) for our PK-12 facility. The signifies the project moving into the Design Development (D.D.) phase.

August 2020

We will begin posting monthly updates on the construction of our new school. 

To view August's update, please click here.

August 23, 2019

Construction of New Building Moves into Project Phase More +

August 13, 2019

The District recently received notification that Ohio Facilities Construction Committee (OFCC)... More +

May 7, 2019

The District recently received Notice of Recommendation for Conditional Approval... More +