Giving kids the control of the pace of their learning.
Different modes of delivery and have to be meaningful.
Kids today are about customized learning.
There is data behind blended learning is that it shows increases in student learning.
When kids master a topic, they move on. If a kid doesn’t get it, there is remediation.
You can teach to everybody and not to the middle.
You have to figure out if students have access to high speed Internet.
If students do not have access, don’t look at blended learning.
itsLearning is the platform that MEC uses.
There are courses for all staff and students.
Developed by Ohio for Ohio.
You have a standalone site.
MEC has a portal where you can buy seats.
Flipped with Mastery requires a lot a planning. Very difficult. Offer extension exercises for students who have mastered all activities. Can offer college credit.
Professional development and tech stuff on itsLearning


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