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Latest Construction News
Site plan for new building
In November 2018, Logan Elm residents approved a bond issue to contruct a new PK-12 school on the Tarlton Road campus.  The funds from this bond issue as well as funds from Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFFC) will be used to design and construct a modern, safe school for all Logan Elm students.
The District, working with OFCC, is in the process of selecting an architect for the project.  The first step is to release a "Request for Qualifications" (RFQ).  This is the process in which an achitecture firm submits their qualifications for the project.   
  • November 18, 2019                        Deadline for RFQs to be submitted
  • Week of December 2, 2019           District and OFCC will announce "shortlist" of selected architecture firms
  • Week of Decmeber 16, 2019         District and OFCC will interview selected firms     

It is anticipated that the design phase of the construction project will begin in February 2020. 

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